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Neomed UK have been instrumental in training the finest surgeons on devices boasting the latest technology for over two decades. Trusted by leading practitioners to ensure current needs and expectations are met with laser training courses, we continue to ensure excellence as the benchmark from which our brand operates.

Neomed UK as a company has deep roots in technical development of medical lasers and is recognised by many education establishments throughout the UK as a leading course provider. Our expertise in laser maintenance, service and development is the reason many key figures in ENT consult with us for recommendations on technology best suited to their practice.

Laser training courses with Neomed UK are delivered by esteemed consultants and their faculty, all with expertise in teaching surgeons laser applications on a global scale covering hands-on and theory sessions.



with you every step of the way

Laser System Training

Our experienced training facilitators are always on hand to offer comprehensive training for your laser.  By understanding the functions and multiple parameters on your device, you can enjoy maximum results in all applications .

Training Courses in Lasers

Working closely with the finest surgeons and consultants in developing pioneering techniques in laser surgery, courses can be attended all over the UK.

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