ENT World Congress 2017

The international federation of ORL societies representing over 50,000 otolaryngologists which took place in Paris saw a week of ENT splendor that attracted practitioners from all over the globe.

In support of our partners in Germany – A.R.C Laser, Neomed UK alongside our Netherlands counterpart became aligned with the launch of the exciting new TruBlue Wolf Laser set to dominate the ENT world arousing excitement among the most sought after surgeons in the field. It’s with delight the TruBlue was introduced during the bountiful keynote lectures taking place throughout the week transpiring into much interest further afield, particularly among consultants who’ve worked on celebrities in the media spotlight.


Neomed UK were able to catch up with consultants whom we have a long standing relationship and elated with the privilege to make contact with new consultants and future generation surgeons from the UK and around the world.

A productive week overall which gave opportunity to further align ourselves with clients’ needs to improve quality of life for their patients.


New wavelength laser for ENT

Combining the benefits of Co2 and KTP. This portable blue laser is designed for various ENT applications with peak hemoglobin absorption.

Transparent in water like a KTP and boasting non contact like Co2 the TruBlue laser has the photoangiolytic effect for treatment of Papillomas, Leukoplakia, Reinke’s Edema and early cancer.