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Functional Cholesteatoma Surgery Course. This hands-on surgical training course is designed to provide delegates who have experience of cholesteatoma surgery to enhance their surgery with a fibre-guided laser.

All delegates have the opportunity to undertake surgical dissections with state-of-the-art otological drills, micro-dissection instruments, microscopes and lasers.

All delegates receive tuition on general laser safety, safe use of the laser in the temporal bone, laser dissection techniques, dissection to identify and safeguard the facial nerve, and dissection techniques to facilitate optimal use of the laser in cholesteatoma surgery.

Delegates will learn to safely remove cholesteatoma with the laser. They will learn how to remove cholesteatoma when necessary through joint use of an otological mirror and the laser. They will also learn how to remove disease from the intact ossicular chain, whilst preserving the ossicles even when they are invested in cholesteatoma.

This course is unique, and offers delegates an opportunity to learn evidence-based modern techniques which maximise cholesteatoma clearance and hearing preservation when treating this challenging disease.

This course is aimed at consultants and otological fellows. Two way dialogue is an important part of the course.

After two decades in the business, I did not expect to learn much from a course. However, the teaching presented a series of new ideas and concepts which we were able to openly question, discuss and trial. I will be using these in my practice and therefore I can highly recommend this course even for experienced surgeon
Surgeon on 2016 course.


John Hamilton • Andy Beynon-Phillips • Rob Harris • James Mitchell

Functional Cholesteatoma Surgery Course – COURSE TIMETABLE


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Functional Cholesteatoma Surgery Course has run for several years. Neomed UK are pleased to team with the finest surgeons in offering the finest surgical techniques in ENT. Attendees have the unique opportunity to use cutting edge lasers in an array of applications.


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