Unique Modular Laser

It is your choice: Articulated arm or WaveGuide – The perfect concept for any application.

A.R.C. Lasers are modular: Sleek Design for plenty of space. The User-Interface can be found in any of our systems. Flexible and easy to use waveguide fiber with 25 Watt maximum power output makes it the ideal tool for precision surgery. The waveguide fiber has a transmission efficiency of up to 72% and does not require any cooling.

C-Las feels like a scalpel in your hand

Laser Connector

The WaveGuide is specially designed for long life , stability and easy handling.

VARIO DISPLAY – Omnidirectional screen

Even the non sterile person in the operating room can run the screen, from either side. The screen is nicely fixed, rotatable but also operational from each side. The touch screen is comfortable to operate.

C-Las Multi-application

Aesthetic Surgery | ENT Surgery | Neuro Surgery | Gynaecology | Dental | MKG | Soft tissue | Cutting | Vaporisation | Coagulation

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