Reproducible results

The Nuvolas offers 8 watt total output to the tissue. This powerful KTP laser guarantees more power than needed to run the most diverse treatments meriting Nuvolas one of the most capable and robust lasers for an array of medical applications.

More power – more possibilities


Nuvolas is a purpose built ENT device superseding any other in its class. Capable of undertaking Otology, Laryngology and Rhinology. The integrated clearview™ eye safety filter is exclusive to this device. Alongside offering programmable presets for time efficiency, Nuvolas offers an optional integrated smoke evacuation system. Nuvolas is sophisticated!

Wide application spectrum

The green laser can be applied in different fields of medicine. Nuvolas means green

The easy click connector does not require any turning of screws after it is in place. Click in- and it fits. The fibers are attractively priced, due to the plastic connector which are available in different sizes up to 600µm.

Now 514nm

The latest microchip technology inside Nuvolas produces a new wavelength of 514nm.

A unique technical standard

  • 8 watt output power on laser end
  • Weight is just 16 kg
  • Removable display control
  • Easy usage
  • Different adjustments
  • Multiple handpieces and applications

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